MS Office Shortcuts

Micro soft is the biggest brand in the operating system market with a lot of features loaded into it. This operating system has a unique workplace that is the micro soft office. This working program is created for all kinds of users starting from educational to business to home based works.

People across the globe are using this program in their day to day working activities but do you know MS Office has many short cuts features loaded into it.

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So today in this article I will show you some of the best shortcuts for MS Office to make you work more convenient. So let's begin.

Shortcuts for MS OFFICE:

Listed below are the shortcuts for MS Office.


If you have to open your MS Office typically what you do is you click on the right button of the mouse and then click on the MS Office option to open it but if you want you can even open it by simply pressing CTRL+O on your keyboard. This will help you access MS Office more quickly.


If you have to save your work in office what you do is you go to file and then select the option Save as and then proceed to saving your file but do you know you can even save your file by simply pressing CTRL+S on your keyboard it simply saves your time and if any such situation occurs that your mouse is not working this shortcut procedure will surely help in saving your file.


CTRL+W will help you to close MS office it is that simple. Many of the users use this shortcut technique to close MS Office because it is fast and simple. If ever your mouse is not in condition you can simply is this technique to close your MS Office.


This technique will help you in the cutting procedure normally what you do is you simply drag your required item and then press in the cut option with your mouse but in this, you can simply do it by clicking on CTRL+X on your keyboard it will help in the cutting procedure.


Normally if you want to copy a file, then you select your desired item and then click on the copy with the help of your mouse, but here with the help of CTRL+C shortcut you can simply do it with the help of your keyboard, it is that simple. Many are using this technique to copy their file.


CTRl+V helps you to paste your file in your desired place it is one of the most common shortcuts used by everyone. This shortcut helps you to paste your file very quickly.

Here are some of the most commonly used  MS OFFICE  shortcuts which you should try to make your work easier and convenient